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The Easiest Poker Drinking Game You’ll Ever Play

Poker and drinking games are a natural fit, as it’s easy enough to break out a deck of cards the next time you and your friends have a hankering to play drinking games. “Asshole” is one of the best poker drinking games out there but it’s a little tricky to learn, and sometimes the complicated rules can get in the way of getting your drink on — which is kind of the point of any drinking game.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy drinking game, give Indian Poker (also called Blind Man’s Bluff) a whirl. It’s just about the easiest poker game in the world to play and simple to modify into a drinking game. Since it just involves each player being dealt one card you can also play with a large group without worry of running out of cards, so there’s no limit to how many people can play unless you have more than 52 people (at which point the party is likely into full swing anyway with no need for drinking games).

As far as the rules, everyone is dealt a single card, which they place on their forehead without looking at it, so that every other player can see the card. Each player sees everyone elses cards but not their own; be sure to pull curtains over windows and hide any reflective surface that might tempt some players to cheat. After everyone checks out all the cards, the dealer counts to three. If you want to stay in and think you have the highest card, you keep your card on your forehead; if you don’t think you have the highest card, you drop your card on the table.

If you fold and drop out, you take one drink. If you stay in and win, congratulations, no drink for you. If you stay in and lose, though, that’s three drinks. If you stay in and tie with another player for the highest card, every player who ties for high card has to chug their entire drink. While you won’t need the same poker skills and strategy as if you were playing poker games online, you can still bluff, talk other players into folding, etc., as you don’t necessarily have to have the highest starting card to be the winner in the end.


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