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Oakland Coliseum Large vs Small Beer

If you saw our post about the Qwest field beer cup issue then you know what you’re in for with this video. Apparently Qwest Field isn’t the only stadium that is ripping people off when they buy a large beer. The guy in the video above has a small and a large cup, essentially the small is $5 for a beer and the large is $8 for a beer. The small beer is filled almost to the top with water, but once he pours it into the large cup you realize that it’s almost exactly the same amount of liquid to fill the large as it is the small, yet it was $3 more… Now in the case of Qwest Field they have come out and said that they were “accidentally” using the wrong cups for the small beers so in fact those people who ordered a small were getting a better deal… somehow I don’t believe that. It sounds to me like they just got caught so had to come up with some excuse to spin it their way.

If you happen to check out a sporting event at a stadium, arena or wherever, get your hands on a small and large beer cup and see if you got ripped off. I have a feeling this is more widespread than just these 2 stadiums.

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