Bar Tricks

Finish 3 Beers Before Your Friend Finishes 3 Shots

Ok, so the title is a little misleading as unless you’re friend can’t take shots and you can chug beer like it’s your job, then there’s most likely no way you’re going to be able to finish 3 beers before your friend can take 3 shots. This is actually more of a bar trick than actually doing it.

The Setup: First bet your friend that you think you can drink 3 full glasses of beer (must be pint glasses) before he/she can finish 3 shots. The only rules are that you are not allowed to touch each others glasses/shots and they must wait to take the first shot after you’ve finished with your first glass of beer.

The Trick: Take your time drinking your first beer, your buddy can’t take their first shot until it’s gone anyways so there’s no rush… Once you finish the beer take your pint glass and turn it over, upside down, over top of your friend’s last shot glass… since the rules state that you cannot touch each others glasses you win since he won’t be able to take the last shot due to the fact that he can’t get to it without touching your glass…

Make it interesting and bet the round of drinks on the trick.


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