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Fringe Drinking Game

Ok I am not going to take credit for most, if not any of these, but I have been watching Fringe, thanks to a friend, and have been noticing trends, meaning one thing…DRINKING GAME!!!

What you will need:

1. Fringe (dvds or when season 3 starts in a week or so)
2. Some sort of booze. Beer, Jameson, guess you decide?
3. Preferably a group of friends. Lets face it 1 person is depressing.

OK Lets get started:

1. The first person to spot the Observer = Give out a shot
2. Each time Walter talks about illicit drugs or “dosing” = 2 Drinks
3. Each time Walter says something “scientific” and Peter uses the lamens term. = 2 Drinks
4. First person to scream out the little picture hidden in the commercial breaks (the leaf, frog, apple, ect) = Winner gives out a shot
5. Every time Peter refers to having a “friend” to take care of that. = 2 Drinks
6. Anytime someone uses Massive Dynamic in a sentence = 2 drinks
7. Anytime Peter says Walter is crazy = 2 drinks
8. Every time Walter “remembers” what he did in the past. = 2 Drinks
9. Every time Walter wants a “food” or “drink” = 3 drinks (frankenberry. rootbeer float, ect)
10. Every time you hear “Agent Dunham” = 1 Drink (yeah you’ll be drinking a lot)

I probably should wrap this up, being that it will be hard to follow. Having so many things that trend. Well I’m sure I’ll be back to edit or take some out. But for now this is what I’ll give. So enjoy, and please, I know there are games like this somewhere else, or maybe you the reader has already made some of these rules up, but don’t go on a tangent and say I’m stealing something from you, because like I said, somewhere on a website someone probably has the same ideas’.



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