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Madden Football Drinking Game

What You Need:

A gaming system (xbox one, ps4)
A football game
2 controllers
Favorite Alcohol (liquor please)

The Game:
1. Select exhibition, and choose your teams (random teams if you want to make it interesting)
2. Begin play and take a shot for the list below:

TD = Shot
Interception = Shot  (INT + a run-back = 2 Shots)
Fumble = Shot  (Fumble + run-back= 2 Shots)
Punt Return = 2 Shots   (use with kickoff returns as well)
Loser = Shot

3. It makes the game fun, and by halftime you feel like you”ve been hit by an entire D-line


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  • Something funny about this game, my friends and i came up with game back in 01-02 because there wasn’t much to do in Alaska in the winter. We wrote out all the rules and everything. We loved having madden tournaments as well as drinking on the weekends so we came up with some rules. Where did you hear about this game from? I don’t recall any of us ever posting it on the net.

  • Well I used to play it back in 98-99. Was entertaining and well we got to drink. So its been around awhile. Prolly just got passed on along the way. The rules are pretty simple. Wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.