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Chaser Hangover Pills Review


Skeptical, I picked up a bottle of these pills. They come in bottles and personal fun packs for just 1 night of use. I opted for the bottle, just cause I figured I”d let other people take them if they wanted and see how they felt as well. On opening the bottle, I was greeted by the biggest pills I’ve ever seen. There is no way this horse tranquilizer is going to go down my throat. But as a plus, this was the only downside to the pills. I tried to cut one in half, but that didn’t work. The shell is hard, but inside is a powder that resembles gun powder, yum. It uses a calcium carbonate and charcoal to absorb the “congeners” that cause a hangover. It”s been proven in lab tests and with volunteers, but would it work for me?

Make sure you read the instructions on how to take it. Otherwise it may not work right and you”ll just blame the pills for being a waste of money.

First of all, your supposed to take the first 2 with your first drink of the night. So I took a beer, and took my horse tranq’s and down they went. Not very smoothly though, those suckers are pretty big. So now I”m good for 3-4 more drinks or 2 hours of drinking before I gotta take 2 more. Make sure you do this, the pills can only absorb so much of the congeners. So you need to continue to take them every 2 hours depending on how many drinks you’ve had. So 4 beers later, at about the 2 and a half hour mark, I popped 2 more pills and continued drinking. I chose to drink beer, cause it always gives me a much worse hangover than hard liqour. So at the end of the night, I had about 7 beers in me or so, I might have lost count. (The good thing about the chasers pills is that it does not effect the alcohol on the rest of your system)

So after 7… or so… beers. I headed to bed, praying that these pills would actually work, cause I knew I was in for it the next day if they didn’t. Well, I woke up the next morning and felt fine. I was pleasantly surprised. No headache that I normally get from that many beers. My stomach felt good, I was able jump outta bed and go get something to eat. Usually I just feel like I wanna puke food up, not put food back in. So these were all good signs. Seems to me the pills work just as they said they would. As long as you keep to the instructions on the bottle. If you don”t then don”t expect them to work as advertised.

I always grab a few pills and take them with me in case a night of heavy drinking insues. Try out the fun pack before you pick up a bottle of them. You can get them at most gas stations, and all GNC stores have them or you can order them below for even cheaper.

Chaser Pills are no longer available for sale, but there are other alternatives that do the same thing


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  • I have looked all over the web & no one mentions the fact that there are 2 versions of Chaser. “Chaser Plus”- which is homeopathic & will do nothing because that is a scam, homeopathics do nothing. “Regular Chaser”-Which contains activated charcoal & may do something. The tests people post don’t say usually which they used? So they are not helpful.

  • Man….it really works!!! Used it last night for my New Years Eve celebration. Took 4 pills total. Woke up around 5am with a slight headache, but by the time I woke up at 9:30am…..NO HANGOVER AT ALL!!! Felt great as a matter of fact. Won’t be crawling around the house all day today. So…..give it a try if you don’t like hangovers!!!!

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