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Pong Deck Review

25. January 2011

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If you’re looking for a way to spice up your beer pong games then this is exactly what you need. The premise and execution is extremely simple, yet it adds a layer to the game that it seemed to be missing before. After playing a few rounds of pong using the Pong Deck cards I’m […]

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New Glarus Brewing Company: Spotted Cow Review

9. September 2010


For those who live in the fine state of Wisconsin, you probably don’t need to read this, but for those that aren’t as lucky, there’s a great brewery that needs recognition. It is the New Glarus Brewing Company. The beer I will be reviewing is Spotted Cow. Spotted Cow is a very easy beer to […]

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The Chuggler Review

24. October 2008


First Impressions: When we received The Chuggler from we kind of had an idea of what we were getting. It’s a cup with a hose attached to the bottom of it. The cup itself is made of extremely high quality plastic and feels really nice in your hand. The only foresaw one issue which […]

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Chaser Hangover Pills Review

27. August 2008


Review: Skeptical, I picked up a bottle of these pills. They come in bottles and personal fun packs for just 1 night of use. I opted for the bottle, just cause I figured I”d let other people take them if they wanted and see how they felt as well. On opening the bottle, I was […]

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Flabongo Beer Bong Review

26. August 2008


First Impressions: After hearing that we would be receiving a “Flabongo” to review we were pretty much expecting a pink flamingo yard decoration with the legs crudely hacked off and the beak sawed off and that is basically what we got, but it was definitely not as “crude” as we expected and it does what […]

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