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Turn Old Beer Bottles Into Drinking Glasses

12. January 2011


If you’re looking for a unique way to stock your cabinets with drinking glasses and don’t want to spend a lot of money… and you want to get drunk on top of it, then this trick is for you. It’s extremely simple to do if you have the right tools, those tools being the following: […]

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Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew. Tree Version

11. January 2011


Have you ever found yourself out in the middle of the woods with a bottle of wine and a glass, but no cork screw? If that sounds like a situation you could possibly find yourself in then this trick is for you. Essentially all you need to open a wine bottle is a towel, or […]

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Open A Beer Bottle With A Piece of Paper

8. January 2011

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Ever find yourself with a nice cold beer in your hand, but no way to open it? There are plenty of ways to open a beer bottle without having a bottle opener… and this is one of those ways. I’ve seen lots of people use a lighter or the edge of a counter, but not […]

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Creative Ways To Open Champagne Bottles: With A Big Ass Kitchen Knife

30. December 2010


Picture this, it’s New Years Eve and almost midnight, the champagne is ready to be de-corked and everyone is excited to ring in the New Year… but wait, what’s this? Nobody wants to de-cork the bottle due to their own fears of cork related accidents… Luckily you’re not a pussy and are totally willing to […]

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How To Make A Keg Barbeque

14. September 2008


What You Need Heavy Duty Saw (to cut the keg) Drill with larger bit Some sort of handle (wooden lined so it doesnt get hot, like on normal BBQ”s) 2-3 Hinges A grill grate to put inside for a place to cook on

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