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Fringe Drinking Game

10. September 2010


Ok I am not going to take credit for most, if not any of these, but I have been watching Fringe, thanks to a friend, and have been noticing trends, meaning one thing…DRINKING GAME!!! What you will need: 1. Fringe (dvds or when season 3 starts in a week or so) 2. Some sort of […]

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The Simpsons Drinking Game

15. September 2008


What You Need: Simpsons DVD”s Beer The Game: Created by: Joey Berner The Rules: During the show, every player drinks once/twice/three times (depending on classification) for categories one through three.

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Saved By The Bell Drinking Game

11. September 2008


What You Need: Saved By The Bell DVD (see end of post) Beer The Game: Original game by Bill King ( and Brad Valentine ( Drink when the following things happen…

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