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Turn Old Beer Bottles Into Drinking Glasses

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If you’re looking for a unique way to stock your cabinets with drinking glasses and don’t want to spend a lot of money… and you want to get drunk on top of it, then this trick is for you.

It’s extremely simple to do if you have the right tools, those tools being the following: a piece of string, an empty beer bottle, nail polish remover, a lighter, sandpaper and a sink/bucket full of cold water.

What you’re going to do is take a string and tie it around the bottle where you want to cut it, do this before you soak it so that you can get the correct fit. Next you’ll soak the string in the nail polish remover and place it around the bottle. Light the string with the lighter and pick up the bottle, slowly rotate it around in a circle like you see in the video above. After 30 or so seconds, dunk the top of the bottle into the water and the glass should “pop” from the sudden change in temperature, thus breaking the bottom at it’s weakest point, the place you just heated up.

Before you use your new glass to drink out of you’re going to want to sand down the top edges so you don’t cut yourself when drinking out of them. The video above doesn’t show the sanding part, but hopefully you’re smart enough to know that you’ll cut the hell out of your face if you try to drink out of the freshly broken bottle.

This trick also works with wine bottles (or any bottle really), so if you want to do something creative with those this will work also, although it may require a bit longer burn on the string to heat the bottle a bit more.


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