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Creative Ways To Open Champagne Bottles: With A Big Ass Kitchen Knife

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Picture this, it’s New Years Eve and almost midnight, the champagne is ready to be de-corked and everyone is excited to ring in the New Year… but wait, what’s this? Nobody wants to de-cork the bottle due to their own fears of cork related accidents… Luckily you’re not a pussy and are totally willing to open the bottles for everyone, but in order to show them all up, you do it with a giant turkey carving knife instead of your tiny lady hands…

If that sounds like the situation you expect to find this New Years Eve then make sure to check out the video above which shows you (in multiple tries) how to pop that cork like it’s 1999… or whatever year it happens to be.

Gizmodo has a step-by-step guide which you can find >here< but essentially it’s what you see in the video, just make sure the bottle is extremely cold and you’re using the blunt edge of the knife to do the de-corking… it could be seriously dangerous if you decided to use the sharp end, although this looks dangerous in all respects so attempt at your own risk.

source: Gizmodo

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