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The Chuggler Review

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First Impressions: When we received The Chuggler from we kind of had an idea of what we were getting. It’s a cup with a hose attached to the bottom of it. The cup itself is made of extremely high quality plastic and feels really nice in your hand. The only foresaw one issue which is mentioned in the review below. The hose itself is a high quality rubber hose that you would find on any beer bong at any college around the country. The overall design is pretty good. The resevoir that holds the beer is not as large as it seems just from looking at it. Only the top half of the entire cup holds beer while the bottom half is more of a hollow plastic piece designed to make it so that the cup could rest easily on a table without the tube getting in the way. And even though the actual beer resevoir seems small compared to the actual size of the cup, we’re sure this thing can hold more than enough beer. Read more to see if it actually works!

The Product Review: “The Chuggler” is everything a college student could ask for in a cup.  It is a cup and a beer bong blended into one easy to carry product. It can hold up to 30 ounces of liquid, which is the equivalent of 2.5 beers.  The design of the cup is simple but genius.  It is a big cup with a hose attached at the bottom.  The hose is just long enough to fit onto a plastic piece on the side so as to not dangle around if you don’t feel like “bonging” the beer.  So, if you feel like casually drinking your beer you would leave the tube plugged, but if you get the urge to chug your beer,  just unplug the tube and lift up the cup and “bong” the rest of your beer.  This product is much more convenient than a beer bong because it is so simple and only requires one person.  The only minor flaw that I found is that the tube tends to kink a little bit near where it connects to the bottom of the cup.  Even with this little kink the beer flow is great, same as if you were chugging from a beer bong.  This product very effective and definitely serves a purpose for any serious drinker.  I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys doing beer bongs.  The pricing is also very reasonable which makes it even better.

Overall this product is quite simple and yet serves it’s purpose perfectly. I honestly wish I would have thought of this as it seems like it would be the hit of any party. It’s much easier to manage than a large beer bong and gives the option of whether to casual drink or party like a rockstar.

You can order yours today from Amazon, they come in 6 different colors (2 limited edition colors are also available). You can buy them individually or in a 6 pack.


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