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Drunk Driver Drinking Game

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What You Need:

Deck of Cards
2 People

The Game:

There is a dealer and one ”driver.” The dealer deals 6 cards face down to the driver. The driver turns over a card and does the following:

If the card is a non-face card or ace, nothing happens and the driver moves onto the next card. If the card is a face card or ace, the driver is dealt additional cards based on which card; Jack = +1 card, Queen = +2 cards, King = +3 cards, and Ace = +4 cards. As well, as being dealt more cards, the driver also has to have a drink for each additional card. (ace turned over — 4 cards and 4 drinks).

The game continues until the driver has successfully made it off the road (gone through all cards dealt). If the dealer runs out of cards, simply reshuffle the cards already played.

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