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Saved By The Bell Drinking Game

What You Need:

Saved By The Bell DVD (see end of post)

The Game:

Original game by Bill King ( and Brad Valentine (

Drink when the following things happen…

One Drink

Zack talks to camera
Slater calls Jessie “momma”
Belding fooled
Teacher is fooled
Screech in locker

Two Drinks

Any of the kids sing
The girls cheer
Zack sent to Belding”s office
We see one of the kids on the job
Zack uses cellular phone
Slater wrestles
Audience goes “Wooooo”
Slater calls Zack “preppie”
Commercial break
Anytime in lockerroom
Belding reminices
Nerd or Jock gets line
Students buy something Zack is selling
Lisa mentions shopping
Lisa bitches at Screech
Somebody actually ingests food at the Max
Jessie calls Slater “poppa”
Jessie calls Slater sexist

Three Drinks

Zack stops time
Zack Attack plays
Zack”s plans fail
Character has fantasy
We see any parents
Kelly wears skirt below knees

Four Drinks

Open locker w/out combination
Belding flashback

Five Drinks

Any slapping
To be continued…
Tori episode
Cineplex music
We see Kevin the robot
Belding says “Hey, hey, hey – what is going on here?!?”

Finish the glass

Screech dresses as a woman

Don’t forget to pick up Saved By The Bell on DVD!


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