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Baseball Quarters Drinking Game

What You Need:

4 Shot Glasses
1 Quarter
2 Teams of people (at least 2 per team)

The Game:

1. Fill the shot glasses with beer and set them up in a line one after the other. (Like bozo buckets)

2. Flip a coin to see who goes first. The object is to obviously score points. Each person will take turns bouncing the quarter into the shot glasses.

3. The closest shot glass is a single, next is a double, then triple, then the furthest is a homerun.

4. If you miss the shot glasses 3 times in a row, that is a strike out. (Each miss = 1 strike). 3 Outs and the next team is up.

The Drinking:

Whatever shot glass you land in, you must drink all the shot glasses BEHIND that one. So if you get a single, you must drink the 3 behind it. If you were to get a triple, you would only have to drink the homerun glass. Keep track of runners on base in your head, or on paper. And for every run that you score, is a shot for the other team.

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