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Beer Pong Drinking Game (Version 1)

What you need:

Long table (preferably a ping pong table)
22 plastic cups total (2 for water to clean the ball)<
4 people (to make 2 teams)
2 ping pong balls

The Game:

1. Take the 10 cups and put them in a pyramid shape on opposite ends of the ping pong table with the point of the pyramid facing the opposing team.

2.Divide the 4 players into teams of 2, and line up straight across from each other.

3. Take beer(s) and fill the 10 cups up to your desired level (usually 1/4 full).

3. This step can vary due to preferences of how some people like to play. Proceed to either bounce or air the ball out and try to make it in the opposing teams cups (either set of the opposing teams cups). If the ball bounces twice on the other side, the opposing team can swat it or catch it. If the ball is rimming around the cup one can proceed to blow the ball out.

4. When a team is down to 6 cups total on their side, they are then forced to combine their cups into a pyramid shape again in the center of their side.

5. When one team has knocked out all the opposing teams cup, the team with no cups can try and take it into OT. This is done by the losing team tossing until they miss. When this is done they have to drink the remaining cups on the winning teams side.

6. Once this is done, start all over again.

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