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How To Build A Ladder Golf Game aka Bolo Toss, Blongoball

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What You Need (to make 2 ladders)

12 Golf Balls
6 Pieces of 1/8″ thick, 14″ long, Nylon Rope
14 – 2-ft Schedule 40 Pipes (smaller PVC pipe)
16 – 1-ft Schedule 40 Pipes (smaller PVC pipe)
12 PVC T”s (that fit pipe above)
12 PVC “L””s (that fit pipe above)

How To Make

Assemble as shown in the diagram below. The 2-ft. pipes will be used for the back of the footprint as well as the ladder rungs. The front of the footprint doesn’t need to be as long as the back because all the force is coming from the front.

To make the “bolos” you need to drill holes through each of the golf balls, feed the rope through and tie it off on the other end. You can also drill only part way through, feed the rope in there and then hot glue the rope so it stays, its up to you.

How To Play

Set the ladders about 20 feet apart (this is up to you)
Teams of 2, 1 person from each team on each side.
Team 1 throws first, followed by the opponent on that same side.
Points are as follows:
Top Rung = 3 Points
Middle Rung = 2 Points
Bottom Rung = 1 Point

Feel free to switch it around, top being 1, if you choose, sometimes its harder to get it on the bottom rung.

Score is determined very similarly to Baggo (Cornhole, Bags), points cancel each other out. So if you score 4 but the other team scores 2 on that same round, you only get 2 points. Play up to 21, thats it!


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