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How To Make A Beer Bottle Bong

What You Need:

1-2″ Of Tubing, Just wide enough to fit over the top of a beer bottle
1 Piece of tubing about the thickness of a straw, 7-8″ Long

What To Do:

This is simple to make, and I’m sure you’ve seen them advertised online in a million places. But why pay $10 for something you can make, for under $4. All you need to do is take the thicker piece of tubing and punch a small hole in it. And then shove the smaller tube through the hole so that one side is coming out of the side of the big tube and the other side goes down through the center of the big tube out one of the ends.

To “bong” a bottle, all you do is place the long end of the thin straw into the beer so that it will not be covered by beer when you turn it over. (Best to drink a few sips of the beer first) Then attach the think tube over the top of the bottle, so that the other end of the thin straw is out of the bottle. This will allow air to reach the bottom of the bottle making the beer flow faster.

If you want to just buy one instead, the one below is the same thing.


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