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How To Build A Washer Box Game (Version 1)

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What You Need:


Enough wood to cut 4 13.5″ long 2×4”s (3/4″ thick)
Mitre Box (To cut 45 degree angles)
At Least 6 2″ Washers
2 3″ Long 3″ Wide PVC Pipes
13.5″x13.5″ Piece of Plywood
Some Nails
Some Glue or caulk

What To Do:

1. Measure the 2×4”s in 4 13.5″ Sections long.
2. Cut the wood at a 45 degree angle, you will be creating a box. (Note, Make sure your cutting the angles so that the box will stand the high way, and not the wood laying flat. SEE PICTURE BELOW)
3. Once all the pieces are cut, nail them together into a square.
4. Take the piece of plywood and nail it to the bottom to create a base.
5. With the PVC pipe (3″ dia, 3″ long) Use glue or caulk to secure the pipe to the center of the plywood, within the box you just made. (caulk works nicely because some ends up in the center of the pipe and it helps the washers stay in the cup.)

The Rules:

Set the 2 boxes on the grass, 10-12 feet apart. There are 2 teams of 2 people each. 1 Person from each team stands next to each box. (So you would be across from your team mate) Flip a coin or whatever to determine who goes first. First team throws the washers across at the box on the other side.

In The Cup = 5
In The Box = 3
Resting On Top of A Sidewall = 2
Within 1 Washer Length of the Box = 1

After the first person goes, the other team has the opportunity to cancel out points. For example: team 1 goes first, they score 2 within a washer length and 1 in the box for a total of 5 points. Do not move the washers yet. Team 2, on that same side, throws his washers and gets 2 in the box and 1 out in nowhere land for a total of 6. This would mean that the score is 1 to 0 in favor of Team 2. Since they canceled out all of team 1’s points and had one left over. Simple enough.

The Game is played to 21.

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