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The Beer Belly Review

First Impressions:

This is a cool looking product here. It consists of the overall type looking thing, a bladder for the beer, and a hose to connect to the bladder. The overalls have a pouch on the inside that holds the bladder full of beer and the whole thing goes under your shit so you can sneak beverages into places where you normally would”t be allowed to. The overall quality of the product is amazing. The overalls are made from what feels like wetsuit material and easily stretches to most body sizes. This also helps if the bladder starts to sweat, you won”t start looking like your sweating uncontrollably. The tube is also long so that it”s long enough for tall people, and can be cut down for smaller individuals. It seems like everything was thought out when this product was created. I think it would be pretty easy to sneak any beverage in anywhere if your wearing this thing under a shirt or jacket.


The Beer Belly, this is a genius product. We”ve always had to come up with creative ways to sneak alcohol into different events, you know like, sporting events, concerts, childrens birthday parties, church, etc, but now we don”t have to worry about someone finding the flask we have hidden in our crotch thanks to The Beer Belly.

The Beer Belly is essentially a Camel-back type product, but for the front. It goes under your shirt and makes it look like you”re just sporting a nice, large, round belly. Beware though, if you are skinny like I am, nobody is going to believe that you gained 15 lbs in your stomach overnight, if you”re a guy. But if you”re a girl just tell them you”re finally starting to show and it”s going to be a boy. Nobody will question you. I mean, what are they going to do, lift up your shirt to make sure you really are pregnant? I don”t think so. And pregnant women don”t drink so you”re in the clear. So my only gripe with this product is that it”s a little hard to believe if you”re on the skinny side, like myself. However if you are a decent build and don”t fill it up a ridiculous amount, you could easily sneak this into any event.

The actual product is made of a similar material to wet suits. It has a pouch in it that holds the “bag” of beer which is attached to a tube that you feed up throug your shirt. The wet suit material makes it very comfortable to wear and there’s nothing digging into your shoulders or chest. Overall it is a great product for what it advertises. The beer gets a little warm if you are outside all day as it is under your shirt and pressed against your body and if it does get really warm it can start to taste a little plasticky, but who wants to drink warm beer anyways so you better be done with it by that point. So with that said, the best place we found to bring this to was football games in the fall/winter. Your beer will stay cold and you”ll never have to wait in line or spend $8 on a beer again. Now if they would only come up with a sports catheter so we didn”t have to get up to use the bathroom I”d be set.

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