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Sure Shot Beer Bottle Bong Review

First Impressions:

We didn”t know what to expect when we were sent a sample of this product. The picture makes it out to be this nicely imprinted piece of PVC pipe. The video/text on the site gave me the impression that the product went over a beer bottle and almost clamped on to the top. Then had a button on the side for release of the beer so that you could turn the bottle over and then place it up to your mouth. Essentially what we got was $3 worth of PVC pipe with a sticker on it. I have to give them props for coming up with the idea, but its very very basic in design. Its basically a 6″ piece of PVC with couplings at the ends, one of them being a 90-degree bend, and then a small tube running through a hole at the very bottom, up out the top. The tube allows air to get into the bottom of the bottle when it is turned upside down. This allows the beer to drain faster through the tube and into your mouth. So based on first impressions of the actual product, we felt like morons for not coming up with this idea before. So we have to give these guys respect for coming up with the idea to sell these. To see how it actually performed, click on to read the review


Disappointed, is about the only word for it. First of all, the couplings attached to the main shaft, are not attached in any way, so the entire thing just pulls apart, or literally falls apart on its own. And the sticker along the bottom gets things full of ink when it gets wet and runs. I mean come on, its made to be around liquid, did you not think the ink would get wet? So enough about the asthetics of the product, onto the testing. We tested it with 3 beers, 1 only had about 1/3 left in the bottle, 1 was a little over 1/2 and the other was completely full. First up was the 1/3rd of a bottle, and it worked quite well. It kind of snaps over the top of the bottle, which is nice, and the beer flowed like wine. So with a 1/3rd of a bottle, it did its job with absolutely no problems, onto a 1/2 a beer. The 1/2 beer wasn”t bad either. It did foam up a little bit towards the end, but other than a sign of what was to come, that was the only problem. So now the full beer, which we”re supposed to be able to take down in 3 seconds. Upon turning the bottle over to start drinking, beer immediatly started trickling out of the tube that allows air into the bottle, but it was just a little, so no big deal. But, after every chug of the beer, liquid would pour out of the air tube, and then the beer just completely foamed up making it undrinkable. After the foam in the bottle settled, we saw that we were only able to drink about 3/4 of the bottle before the foam kicked in. So overall we were disappointed. It did allow us to drink beer faster, but with a full beer it made a mess and screwed us out of a 1/4 of a beer. So we recommend that you do not use this with a completely full bottle. Drink a little bit out of it before you attempt to bong it, you”ll thank me for this one. Oh yeah, and do it over the sink.

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