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Quaffer Shot Glasses Review

First Impressions:

The shot glass designed with a chaser in mind. Upon opening the box we discovered exactly what we were expecting, and more of them. sent us 4 Plastic Quaffers, 2 Plastic Beer Quaffers, and a Pourer. We were only expecting 1 Quaffer, so thanks guys. The regular Quaffers are designed for 1 shot of liqour and a chaser. The chaser is poured into the bottom of the glass and the shot is poured into the top, so that once the shot goes down the chaser follows it directly. Seems like a pretty good concept to me. The Beer Quaffer is a lot larger than the normal one. It is designed with beer in mind, mainly for drinks like the Irish Carbomb. It holds the beer in the bottom and the shot on the top, same as the other one. But it holds a lot more liquid on the bottom of this one, its almost intimidating. Both of them look like fun and pretty self explainitory. There are a few simple directions required to pour the shot into the top, (Pour along the side of the glass) but overall its a simple design for a simple effect.


Is it Quaffer as in rhymes with offer, or is it Quaffer as in rhymes with waffer? This had our minds boggled most of the night so we just decided to call it a Queffer, as in rhymes with umm.. reefer. These are actually pretty cool, we were pleasantly surprised. At first it seems like its going to be a lot of liquid at one time, but if you think about it, a jager bomb has quite a bit of liquid in a cup, and this seemed like a little less. And thats exactly what we drank with them, jager bombs. I completely forgot to bring the pourer they sent me, with, but we were still able to pour them just fine without it. That was a big plus, because nobody wants to carry around a bottle pourer with them whenever they go out. So, as per the instructions, we poured the Red Bull straight down the middle into the bottom section, then poured the Jager along the side of the top. This kept the Jager on the top and the Red Bull on the bottom, it was perfect. And with 1 gulp, it was gone. It”s a little strange at first, and I”ll have to quote Iman on this one “At first its slimey, and then its like whoa, Red Bull” So I hope that gives you an idea of how it tastes. We did not test the Beer Quaffer yet, but we will, nobdy wanted to do an , so we”ll hafta find an unlucky candidate one night. We”d recommend the Quaffer as an essential to any bar. Its a novelty item, but it is a good way to take a shot if you need a chaser to follow up with.

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