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Kegger Keg Coat Review

First Impressions:

Well this is impressive. Kegger Industries was nice enough to hook us up with one of these to review and upon receiving it, we were blown away.  The quality of the keg coat is incredible. It feels like the outer shell is made of a material similar to a scuba wet suit. The inner lining is a plastic type material that is also used inside those small soft coolers. So with that in mind, there is no doubt in our minds that this keg coat, will be able to keep our keg cold for a long amount of time without ice. They claim up to 7-8 hours without ice, but honestly what college party has a keg last more than a few hours, so this could be perfect. For our review we are going to get a cold keg, measure the temperature at the start, then place it in the keg coat. Then every 30 minutes we will measure the temperature of a beer to see how well the keg coat is working.


We tested this out on halloween and we were very impressed. We made sure that the keg was pretty cold to begin with, leaving it in ice for a few hours before placing it into the keg coat at the beginning of the party. You dont need to do this if the keg is cold already, ours was sitting out for awhile so we needed to make it fair and get it cold to begin with. Its very easy to place the keg into the coat, as long as you have a few people that can lift the keg. It doesnt even need to be lifted high, just enough to get the coat under the bottom. The keg fits absolutely perfect into the coat, and its very easy to zip up. The tap hole on the top lines up perfectly so there is no problem tapping the keg. So the setup was very easy, but would it actually keep the keg cold till it was empty… Absolutely!! It was great, no need for ice. We were able to use all the ice we had on the cans, and the keg took care of itself. The coat is supposed to be able to keep a keg cold for up to 7 hours, we finished the keg off in 4, so we werent able to test that theory, but we”re pretty sure it could. This is essential for any party with a keg. No more messing with ice and tubs. This will pay itself off in no time with the money you save on the ice. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product to everyone that drinks!

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