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KegFast Multi-Output Keg Tap Review

First Impressions:

This thing looks insane. KegFast offers 3 versions of their tap, a 2 hose model, 4 hose model, and 6 hose model. They were kind enough to send us a 4 hose model for testing. They also offer taps for every type of keg you can think of, as well as different methods of attaching them to the keg, lever, twist, etc. So it”s basically what you think of when you think of a multi-output keg tap. Instead of 1 hose coming out of the side, they attached a splitter and hoses. Our only concern is how keg pressure is going to be with all the taps going at the same time. We’re sure your going to have to continuously pump the keg if all 4 hoses are being used, but we will see. This definitely seems like a good way to prevent long lines at the keg. And of course the ultimate use, the 4 person Keg Stand, which we will also be testing out with this product. Keep checking back for our full review.


Wow, were we pleasantly surprised. At first we figured since there were 4 hoses it would require a lot of pumping and the pressure would suffer severely. Well I”m here to tell you that we had absolutely no problems when we used this. The pressure was still very good and didn”t require too much more pumping than a single hose tap. And the best part was there were no lines at all for the keg, the whole night! Thats a surprise. Anyone could just walk up and grab a hose for instant gratification. The quality of the tap is pretty good. Its basically a normal tap pump that has been modified at the tube connector. So instead of just one connector it has 2, 4 or 6 depending on the model you get. It’s definitely worth picking up if you throw any sort of keg parties. Even if its just for one party, it will be well worth it, plus you can rent it out to your friends.

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