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How To Blow The Bottom Out of A Bottle

What You Need:

1 Empty Bottle of Beer
A Strong Hand

What You Do:

This one takes some practice to get right, but the end result is pretty cool. By just using your hand, and some water, you can make the bottomrnof a beer bottle blow out, in a perfect circle without breaking the rest of the bottle.

1. Take the empty beer bottle and fill it with water until the water reaches just below the neck of the bottle.

2. Place your hand around the neck of the bottle, so that your hand is flush to the top. So our hand and the bottle are almost flat at the top.

3. With your other hand OPEN, smack the top of the bottle/hand combination. You need to do it pretty hard. DO NOT do this step over anything important, go find a nice grassy spot.

4. If done correctly, the bottom of the bottle will fall to the ground without breaking the rest of the bottle.

Updated: Added a random YouTube video that shows a couple of guys doing the trick.


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