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Get Bombed Beer Pong Racks

First Impressions:

Its beer pong for dummys. The main aspect of this game is the racks. The racks hold the cups steady and in perfect alignment every single time, so there is no worry of beer spilling over or cups not aligned correctly. Its essentially a Pool Rack for cups. The box was packaged with 2 racks, 20 cups for the game, 2 for rinse cups, and 3 ping pong balls. Apparently the cups that are packaged with the game “Suck”, according the company. So to make up for it, they also sent us 22 different cups that fit the game better. This game is available at stores like Spencers Gifts , but I highly doubt that they will have extra cups behind the register to give you to replace the cups included with the game. So my advice would be to order the game from the website or be prepared to find different plastic cups. Overall the racks look very nice, imprinted with the Get Bombed logo.


This is a review of the actual product, not of the game. The first problems we had, had absolutely nothing to do with the game, we didn”t have a table! New house, no dining room table yet, anyways. So the game comes with cups the company claims they are shitty, but they weren”t that bad. The only thing we noticed is that they had a ridiculous lip on them, so the cups hit each other and we”re at a tiny angle, and it may have effected the balls falling into the cups, but it was most likely the fact that the cups were on the floor and we were standing above them or kneeling, for each throw. The main aspect of the game, is the racks, and they serve their purpose. They hold the cups nicely and in perfect shape everytime. We weren”t worried about spilling beer on the floor, because the racks gave us a sense of trust, its always good to be trusted. The racks are a little thinner material than I was expecting, but it doesn”t take away from its functionality. The ping pong balls on the other hand, seemed lighter than normal ping pong balls. Overall Get Bombed is a great way to play beer pong. No need to worry about spilling beer or aligning the cups. We would recommend this if you love beer pong, but worry about ruining your table/carpet/walls/each other/whatever. Also, to make the game interesting, do what we did, and pour different beers into different cups. It turns into a game of beer russian roulette and let me tell you, it sucks. 2 year old MGD was the equivalent of taking the bullet in the head.

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