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Flabongo Beer Bong Review

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First Impressions:

After hearing that we would be receiving a “Flabongo” to review we were pretty much expecting a pink flamingo yard decoration with the legs crudely hacked off and the beak sawed off and that is basically what we got, but it was definitely not as “crude” as we expected and it does what it”s supposed to, act as a beer bong. It”s not quite as large as the pink flamingos you would normally see sitting on some old ladies yard, but it still holds about 3 beers when completely full. We”re not sure if the flabongo is manufactured without the legs and beak, but from what we can tell it is not. The legs were removed extremely well, it doesn’t even look like anything was cut. The beak however was obviously just sawed off to create a hole to drink from. There”s nothing wrong with this, just make sure to wash out the flabongo pretty well before using it the first time as we found a few plastic shavings inside the beak. First impressions were basically what we expected to see from this product, but does it work as a beer bong, lets find out…

Again, please remember to flush some water through the flabongo before you use it for actual beer bonging, we did find a few plastic shavings inside the neck that you probably don”t want to swallow.

The flabongo has a capacity of about 3 beers, maybe a little more. I”s slightly smaller than a true lawn pink flamingo that we’ve seen, but there may be smaller ones out there that we aren’t familiar with. As far as function goes it performs spot on although it is a little weird having the beer take the final turn through the neck and shooting into your mouth upwards. It”s also a little difficult to hold because of the kink in the neck. If you fill it completely and then try to tilt it to drink straight on from the beak, you will be covered in beer and not too happy. You really don”t need to tip the flamingo, it just feels a little ackward holding it the way it is intended. So other than the slight discomfort compared to a true beer bong, the flabongo is a very creative and fun way to bong beers. It definitely becomes the life of any party it is introduced at. We had a blast testing the product and people were upset when I had to leave and take the flabongo home with me. So if you’re looking for a conversation starter for any party make sure to check out the flabongo, and plus chicks love anything that”s pink.

The only improvements we could see for this product would maybe be a little bit of sanding around the beak after it is cut down just to prevent possible cuts to your lips. We didn’t experience any problems, but you never know. And also a valve on the neck would be really cool. We had a few girls that wanted to try the flabongo and their thumbs weren’t big enough to cover the hole in the beak while filling the body with beer. It wasn’t a huge deal to have someone else set it up for them, but it would be nice to see some sort of valve feature.

So overall the Flabongo was a great product and a nice change of pace from the normal beer bong. A friend of ours actually told us he had previously done a bong from a pink flamingo and that the Flabongo was a much better experience due to it being the perfect size and hot the hard, dull, weathered plastic of a real pink flamingo. Thanks again to the guys over at for hooking us up with a sample for review.

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