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New Hangover Pill, Blowfish, Approved By The FDA

Tue, Dec 6, 2011


blowfish hangover pill approved by the fda

Forget trying to swallow the enormous charcoal filled pills that are “Chaser” and step into the future with the Blowfish pill. The pill is made up of 1,000 milligrams of aspirin, 120 milligrams of caffeine and some sort of medicine to help your upset stomach. It’s the first hangover pill approved by the FDA, but I’m still not sure it’ll help cure all of the effects of a long night of drinking. I seem to have luck by either alternating beer and water or just drinking mixed drinks so that I’m getting more water than liquor at the same time, it seems to work for me, but everyone’s different.

source: Washington Post

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3 Floyds Responds to Anniversary Party Critics – Satire

Wed, Nov 23, 2011

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3 floyds brewing satire

I’m not a huge beer connoisseur, but I have friends that believe they are. I’ll have a beer or two when we go out, but due to the massive hangovers I always seem to have I tend to stick to hard liquor… cause that makes sense. Anyways, if you’re unfamiliar with 3 Floyds Brewing they are responsible for beers like Gumball Head, Zombie Dust and then their extremely rare beers like Dark Lord. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they only sell Dark Lord on 1 day and it’s a limited run so people line up for the stuff. They also have other seasonal beers that each come out in a certain month, but Dark Lord is the only one that is only sold for 1 day and that’s it.

So apparently last weekend 3 Floyds had an anniversary party at which they were giving away (or selling?) XV Anniversary Baller Stout. It would seem as though a lot of people were not happy with the way the event was handled and decided to voice their concerns on multiple beer drinking websites. Well 3 Floyds got wind of the bad press and decided to release the following [awesome] statement:

Update: Apparently the statement below was written as satire and was NOT the official response from 3 Floyds. Guess I should have looked into it a bit more, oh well, it’s still amusing to read.

It has come to our attention that many of the attendees of our 3 Floyds XV Anniversary party were less than thrilled with the organization and overall flow of the event. We’ve heard complains that people waited 3 hours to gain entrance to the party with pre-paid tickets, we’ve heard complaints that people waited in line for extra long periods of time to get our Baller Stout bottles, and we heard complaints that many of the speciality draft offerings we anticipated on pouring either never showed up, or blew quicker than anticipated. Since the end of April, we’ve been proudly hanging our hat on the fact that Dark Lord Day didn’t have any of these issues, yet somehow, we are getting the exact opposite response for this past weekend’s party. We would like to address these concerns with just a few bullet points.

  • Why don’t you find a better brewery in the surrounding area? Oh that’s right,you can’t!
  • Even though there were 4,000 less people at this event compared to DLD, we thought it wasn’t worth paying for extra resources or beer. We simply don’t care.
  • You’re a stupid part monkey part sheep who will be back for DLD and our next anniversary party, hopefully we can make it even worse for you.
  • You’re a stupid part monkey part sheep who will be miserable at our event and still fork over $50 for one of our rare beers.
  • We are metal as f*ck.
  • No matter how many years we throw parties, we will only note the mistakes, and not correct them. It’s a waste of time and we will still rake in more dough each year.
  • We line our pockets with your money,your tears and Satan, and we are very grateful for that.

I hope this addresses the situation in a nutshell, and we hope to see you come out to our next party, Dark Lord Day 2012, which is slated for late Spring. We’ll be sure to keep all of the concerns you’ve expressed over at BeerAdvocate andRateBeer in mind while we cover our d*cks in aluminum foil and proceed to make love to your backside.

Three Floyds Management*

It sounds as though these guys are pretty confident in their product and the fact that just because a few people didn’t enjoy themselves at the party, they will still be racking in the cash come DLD (Dark Lord Day). As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the greatest responses to online criticism ever. Just because of this I want to try every beer they make, and I don’t even really like beer and I sure as hell am not “metal as f*ck! So 3 Floyds Brewing, we raise this glass to you, good show. [This statement can no longer be held true, since, alas, this response is fake…]

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The Easiest Poker Drinking Game You’ll Ever Play

Thu, Apr 14, 2011

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Poker and drinking games are a natural fit, as it’s easy enough to break out a deck of cards the next time you and your friends have a hankering to play drinking games. “Asshole” is one of the best poker drinking games out there but it’s a little tricky to learn, and sometimes the complicated rules can get in the way of getting your drink on — which is kind of the point of any drinking game.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy drinking game, give Indian Poker (also called Blind Man’s Bluff) a whirl. It’s just about the easiest poker game in the world to play and simple to modify into a drinking game. Since it just involves each player being dealt one card you can also play with a large group without worry of running out of cards, so there’s no limit to how many people can play unless you have more than 52 people (at which point the party is likely into full swing anyway with no need for drinking games).

As far as the rules, everyone is dealt a single card, which they place on their forehead without looking at it, so that every other player can see the card. Each player sees everyone elses cards but not their own; be sure to pull curtains over windows and hide any reflective surface that might tempt some players to cheat. After everyone checks out all the cards, the dealer counts to three. If you want to stay in and think you have the highest card, you keep your card on your forehead; if you don’t think you have the highest card, you drop your card on the table.

If you fold and drop out, you take one drink. If you stay in and win, congratulations, no drink for you. If you stay in and lose, though, that’s three drinks. If you stay in and tie with another player for the highest card, every player who ties for high card has to chug their entire drink. While you won’t need the same poker skills and strategy as if you were playing poker games online, you can still bluff, talk other players into folding, etc., as you don’t necessarily have to have the highest starting card to be the winner in the end.

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Oakland Coliseum Large vs Small Beer

Fri, Feb 18, 2011


If you saw our post about the Qwest field beer cup issue then you know what you’re in for with this video. Apparently Qwest Field isn’t the only stadium that is ripping people off when they buy a large beer. The guy in the video above has a small and a large cup, essentially the small is $5 for a beer and the large is $8 for a beer. The small beer is filled almost to the top with water, but once he pours it into the large cup you realize that it’s almost exactly the same amount of liquid to fill the large as it is the small, yet it was $3 more… Now in the case of Qwest Field they have come out and said that they were “accidentally” using the wrong cups for the small beers so in fact those people who ordered a small were getting a better deal… somehow I don’t believe that. It sounds to me like they just got caught so had to come up with some excuse to spin it their way.

If you happen to check out a sporting event at a stadium, arena or wherever, get your hands on a small and large beer cup and see if you got ripped off. I have a feeling this is more widespread than just these 2 stadiums.

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Pong Deck Review

Tue, Jan 25, 2011

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pong deckIf you’re looking for a way to spice up your beer pong games then this is exactly what you need. The premise and execution is extremely simple, yet it adds a layer to the game that it seemed to be missing before. After playing a few rounds of pong using the Pong Deck cards I’m not sure that we’ll ever go back to the normal way again.

Our first thought when we saw Pong Deck was “How did we not think of this?”. It’s just that simple of an idea that you’d think would have been around since the invention of beer pong itself, but apparently it took a couple kids from Chicago to make it a reality. The game comes packaged in a very simple, yet effective, hockey puck-style container that holds your entire Pong Deck, Deck. Each deck contains 50 cards which are made up of drinking cards and action cards. There are 18 unique cards spread throughout the deck and can range from having to do a hook shot on your next throw all the way to just straight up chugging a beer. The cards themselves appear to have a protective coating to them which prevents them from getting damaged if they get wet, which is bound to happen. This also makes them extremely easy to clean if you need to.

The game is as easy to play as it sounds. While you’re setting up your cups for a game of beer pong, just place 1 card from the shuffled deck under each cup, once a player hits that cup on other side of the table, the other team must do whatever the card says…. that’s it! As long as you know how to play beer pong and can read, then this game is extremely straight forward. None of the cards are confusing and the artwork on them is pretty cool.

We had a blast testing these out this weekend, it’s amazing how one action card can change the whole dynamic of the game. Like I said above, I’m not quite sure how we’ll ever go back to playing normal beer pong. Pong Deck is a cheap, great way to spice up a game that can get old after a while. So with that said, we can’t recommend this enough, so head on over to and pick up your own deck for as low as $9.99.

Pong Deck

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